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About the Founders, Steve & Alicia Johnson

Steve and Alicia Johnson are Relationship Counselors who have over 25 years of counseling experience. Alicia has a BS degree in Psychology and a MS in Addiction Counseling. Together they are certified Therapon Institute Faith Belief Counselors recognized in the State of Texas and Certified John Maxwell speakers, trainers and coaches. 

As life coaches, their passion is to aide individuals in relationship building. 

36 years of marriage led to the labor of love “Longevity Relationship Consultants”. They believe that by sharing their own relationship experiences through honesty and transparency,  they can make a difference and give hope to one relationship  -  one individual at a time.

The Johnsons specialize in providing counseling for married couples as well as those who are dating or in premarital relationships. Additionally, they also serve as consultants for business owners and managers helping them build teams that work cohesively to improve production expectations.  

Service is at the heart of all that Steve and Alicia do. Involvement in ministry at their local church, life counseling and working for a national non-profit organization speak to their commitment of service to others. Alicia is also an in-house counselor for a safe house that rescues women from sexual exploitation and addiction.

In their private lives, they are the proud parents of four children, grandparents of thirteen and great grandparents of three and they reside in the Dallas, Texas area.


God created us to be in relationships, Our most important being with God, Himself. Other relationships include those with family members, friends, business partners and yes - lovers all are important and are intertwined with one another.  

Let us help you sort out these delicate, but tricky webs of intrigue and help you build stronger, healthier bonds that will "LAST A LIFETIME."

What are they saying about us!

~S. Ogoli - Dallas, TX~

~B. Allen - Atlanta, GA~

~B. Allen - Atlanta, GA~

I came to Alicia, needing something in my life to change and feeling very hopeless. I came feeling burdened by my past and situations that had occurred in my life. By the end of my first session, she was able to identify the areas in my life that had  caused these wounds. After only 4 sessions Alicia not only showed me the areas I needed to be free from, she also showed me how to love myself and how to see myself through Gods eyes,  she brought insight on my past relationships and the hurts that I had because of them. With God, she helped bring complete breakthrough of all the relationships and areas in my life that had me going in a vicious cycle that I could not break free from on my own. 

I can honestly say that I have been set free from the bondage of my past and  past relationships. I have never felt so confident, bold, and in tune to what God is doing in my life until now!! 

She is an amazing woman who God is using to help others! I will be forever changed because of my time with her. She was a true blessing in my life! 

S. Ogoli ~Dallas, TX~

~B. Allen - Atlanta, GA~

~B. Allen - Atlanta, GA~

~B. Allen - Atlanta, GA~

My wife and I came to Steve & Alicia after we filed for divorce, in fact the only thing left to do was to sign the final divorce decree. A friend of my wife told her about the Johnson's, reluctantly I agreed to go, just to say I had made one last ditch effort. To my surprise and amazement within thirty minutes the Johnson's went to that deep wounded place in me and I (a grown xxx man) was in tears. I looked at my wife and she was almost on the floor! Needless to say after only 6 sessions a year later we renewed our vows and that was almost 6 years ago and we are still going strong. 

B. Allen ~Atlanta, GA~

~S. Mack - Frisco, TX~

~B. Allen - Atlanta, GA~

~S. Mack - Frisco, TX~

Me and my then boyfriend heard about Steve and Alicia from church, we decided to come to see them when we were starting to date, before we put too much time in we decided to see if we were truly compatible. During our sessions with the Johnson's our eyes were open to a lot of things we as a dating couple had not even considered. The topics raised led to some deep discussions. The Johnson's were able to help us define and articulate our individual goals for the future. We shortly realized we were headed in different directions and wanted different things out of life. We both mutually decided we would stop seeing each other as a couple. We remain friends to this day and I found the love of my life and am happily married with a little one on the way. Thank you Steve and Alicia for helping with a life altering decision.

S. Mack ~Frisco, TX~

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